20150107_124248 procleft to right Sculptor Joanna Blake, Representative Ivey, John Giannetti, Governor O’Malley, Dick Charlton, Senate President Miller, and John Sower

Congratulations to the Aman Memorial Trust for persevering UNDAUNTED through the harrowing process of making a monument!

In recognition for their years of service (since before the Bicentennial in 1976 for John!), Governor Martin O’Malley bestowed honors upon Dick Charlton and John Giannetti in a ceremony in the State House on Wednesday at high noon. District 47A representative Jolene Ivey and Senate President Mike Miller were on hand with many warm words of praise and recognition of the significance of preserving history in our neighborhoods as O’Malley presented the proclamations.

Miller and O’Malley emphasized the importance of local efforts in preserving our shared heritage as have been ongoing in the Port Towns. Both Aman Trust treasurer, Charlton and chairman, Giannetti were quick to share the honors recognizing the importance of the results of the coalition of local governments, NGO’s and individuals over many years in Bladensburg, and in specific in the last decade in preparation for the commemoration of the Battle of Bladensburg bicentennial.