beyond the battle

The Bladensburg History Project will create historical narratives in support of the visitation experience and interpretation of historic places connected to the 1814/1864 commemorations in Bladensburg.  The purpose of these narratives is to provide a sense of context not just for the people, places and events directly associated with 1814 and 1864 commemorative years, but also to evoke an appreciation of the rich heritage and myriad stories over time that makes Bladensburg and its geographic region a place that matters.  A second goal is to show historical connections between Bladensburg and the rest of Prince George’s County, Washington DC, the Chesapeake Bay region, and the wider world.

The project involves a team of historians headed by a project coordinator/editor.  The historians will conduct research on 12 key themes that tell the story of Bladensburg.  The starting points for the research are military events: the Battle of Bladensburg in the War of 1812 and the impact of the Civil War.  But the ultimate goal is to look more broadly and assemble a contextual framework that supports a richer appreciation of Bladensburg by visitors.  The historians will complete thematic essays with supporting documentation by March 2012.   A project coordinator/editor will manage the process and provide quality control.  The final product will be delivered by August 2012, in time to serve as a resource for parallel projects focused on the visitor experience in Bladensburg.

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